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Invitation to one-to-one press interview - Microalgae production at the highest level: ecoduna is revolutionising the food industry

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Due to its extraordinary content of high-quality fatty acids (omega-3 & -6), natural colourants, and micronutrients as well as essential amino acids, microalgae open up innovative possibilities in the food and nutritional-supplements market.
To date, qualities from open-production plants in Asia and America (known as ‘open-pond quality’) have been dominating the raw-materials market, especially the microalgae sector. Due to barely controllable growth conditions in open systems, these products are often heavily contaminated. As a result, Asian goods, which often do not comply with the standards in force in Europe, despite having been awarded various quality certificates, are often unsuitable for further processing into foods.

ecoduna’s patented process ( allows for the industrial production of microalgae with a tremendously improved quality: microalgae are propagated in a high-purity environment in a closed, largely contamination-free system.
In a one-to-one press interview, COO Silvia Fluch and CEO Johann Karmel are delighted to provide insight into the high quality that ecoduna offers, talk about where the company sees its chances on the market, as well as present ecoduna’s next steps.

‘The revolution in microalgae production’
Vitafoods Europe 2018
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Melanie Remes
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Die ecoduna Gruppe besteht aus der ecoduna AG (als Holding und Patente-Inhaberin) sowie der angeschlossenen 100%-igen Tochterfirma eparella GmbH. Die ecoduna AG ist ein Entwicklungsunternehmen das ein herausragendes biotechnisches Verfahren für die Produktion von Mikroalgen im industriellen Maßstab erfunden, zur Reife geführt und patentiert hat.

ecuduna ist weltweiter Technologieführer darin, den größten Hektarertrag nachhaltig, ressourcenschonend, effizient und absolut rückstandsfrei zu erzielen.  Unser Team besteht aus Konstrukteuren, Biologen und Anlagentechnikern. In gemeinsamer Entwicklungsarbeit wurde die Photobioreaktor-Anlage entwickelt und in Bruck an der Leitha in einer Demonstrationsanlage zur Serienreife gebracht.

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