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Microalgae specialist ecoduna starts production on an industrial scale

Austria becomes the global hotspot for green technology

ecoduna - the newly opened microalgae production facility

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Bruck an der Leitha (Austria), 23 April 2018 – eparella GmbH, a subsidiary of ecoduna AG, recently installed its trailblazing Photobioreactor (PBR) technology for microalgae production on an industrial scale. The newly opened microalgae production facility in Bruck/Leitha represents a unique showcase project, making the Austrian company a global technology leader. “Our patented and sustainable technology enables us to produce high-quality algae powder while, at the same time, saving valuable resources. Our industry’s production mimics nature itself, with oxygen being the only waste product”, Silvia Fluch, COO of ecoduna, explains.

Distinguished guests at the opening ceremony
In only eleven months of construction time, after ten years of successful research and development, one of the world’s largest microalgae closed system growth facility has been set up on an area of more than 10,000 sqm. A truly impressive site that none of the invitees wanted to miss out on visiting. More than 550 guests from research and industry as well as from politics and the finance sector attended the opening event.
When reaching its maximum capacity, which is planned for the year 2021, an output volume of up to 300 tonnes of biomass can be generated. At its current development stage, the facility delivers an annual output of up to 100 tonnes of dry algae biomass.
The construction costs totalled 18 million euros.

ecoduna welcomes international scientists
In the run-up to the ‘8th European Algae Industry Summit’ taking place in Vienna from 25–26 April 2018, scientists from around the globe will visit the new location. “The fact that ecoduna has not only become a pioneering company within Europe, but also attracts attention on a global scale, fills us with pride”, says Johann Karmel, CEO of ecoduna.

ecoduna – facts and figures at a glance
  • Area: 10,000 m2
  • Glass tubes: 43,000 pieces with a total length of 230 km
  • Annual capacity: 100 t biomass
  • Current number of employees: 26
  • Planned annual turnover of the plant: approx. €10 million

Core competencies
  • Vertical and pump-free production process
  • Continuous growth and harvesting process
  • Closed system and controlled production parameters allow highest possible purity and quality
  • Integration of technological and biological know how on an industrial scale

Media contact:
Dr. Wolfgang Wendy
Mobile: + 43 664 828 40 76

Die ecoduna Gruppe besteht aus der ecoduna AG (als Holding und Patente-Inhaberin) sowie der angeschlossenen 100%-igen Tochterfirma eparella GmbH. Die ecoduna AG ist ein Entwicklungsunternehmen das ein herausragendes biotechnisches Verfahren für die Produktion von Mikroalgen im industriellen Maßstab erfunden, zur Reife geführt und patentiert hat.

ecuduna ist weltweiter Technologieführer darin, den größten Hektarertrag nachhaltig, ressourcenschonend, effizient und absolut rückstandsfrei zu erzielen.  Unser Team besteht aus Konstrukteuren, Biologen und Anlagentechnikern. In gemeinsamer Entwicklungsarbeit wurde die Photobioreaktor-Anlage entwickelt und in Bruck an der Leitha in einer Demonstrationsanlage zur Serienreife gebracht.

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Dr. Wolfgang Wendy
Account Director

Public Relations

Telefon +43 (0) 1 535 48 38 6712
Mobil +43 (0) 664 82 840 76

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